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About Me
I am a stay at home mom to 5 children ages three through nineteen. I have one in Mommy and me classes, one in first grade, two in high school and one in college. I also have a step-daughter who is in college as well. We are a blended family.
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and an MBA. I left a successful career in Human Resource Management after my youngest child was born. I decided I had missed too much of my children’s lives and was tired of being on a corporate leash so I gave up my Blackberry for a baby bottle and have never looked back.

Personal Stats
  • Married
  • Age 43
  • 6 children 2 boys (7, 15) 4 girls (3,18,19,19)
  • Reside in the Appalachias, West Virginia
Web Stats*
  • 2 years as a professional blogger
  • 5,000 site visits per month
  • 2,200 twitter followers
  • 2,500 facebook fans
  • KLOUT 49
*As of January 2012

Reader Demographics
Male 2%
Female 98%

18-24 3%
25-34 45%
35-44 35%
45-54 14%
55+ 3%

Service Offering

Product Reviews
I enjoy testing family friendly products and writing reviews. Because of the number and age range of my household members we have just about every demographics covered. You can expect my review to be ethical, honest and tactful and contain a disclosure as well as a link to my full legal disclosure policy.

I prefer to do giveaways and reviews in tandem with one another. My readers love giveaways.  I ask that the sponsor agrees to ship the prize to the winner. I use a number of social media outlets when promoting a giveaway to generate interest in your product and exposure for your company.  

Brand Ambassadorships 
I am currently seeking Brand Ambassadorship.  I would love to get to thoroughly know your company and products and champion them to my readers.

I am happy to share your family friendly message with my readers and include your anchor text, images and links with my readers.  I will use your copy or create a unique post to your specifications.  Rates are negotiable.

Other Services
Don’t see the service you seek listed here?  Please contact me to discuss other opportunities to partner together.

Blogher 2012 Sponsorship
I am currently seeking a sponsor

I am currently a member of several mom blogging communities and active in my local chapter of Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Advertising/Banner Ads
Content must be family friendly.  Contact me for rates.

Contact information
Dena Anderson
E-mail: sensationalsaver(at)hotmail(dot)com
Facebook Fan Page


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