Monday, September 10, 2012

Dealing with Disease

The Sensational Saver - Dealing with Disease

Sadly It's happening.  I am getting older.  Little aches and pains are starting to creep in.  The kids I've grown up with who are now adults with children like myself are starting to deal with various illnesses and ailments.  Some have or are dealing with Cancer.  Others have been diagnosed with chronic or degenenerative diseases.  It's a new stage of life I am unfamiliar with.  I recall when I was younger the adults used to sit around and talk about this person or that and what health issues they were dealing with.  Now my friends and I  are are the ones talking and are those being talked about.  How odd that is.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with two degenerative diseases, Polycystic Kidney and Polycystic Liver Disease.  Disease in which my kidney and liver develop hundreds of cysts eventually causing the kidneys to lose function requiring dialysis and transplant and the liver to increase in size and weight which may cause other complicating health problems that also may necessitate a transplant.  Here's a quick video about my disease.

This disease is genetic however there is no one in my family that has it.  The only other way I could have gotten it then if via a spontaneous genetic mutation.  I'm told this is very rare. I guess that means I'm special.  PKD and PLD are also risk factors for kidney and liver cancer.  I just had my first real scare with the C-word.  The "mass" turned out to be a very dense cyst with a small chance of becoming malignant in the future so it needs to be watched. 

There is no cure for this disease.  There is nothing, so the doctors say, that can slow or increase the development of the cysts.  I refuse to believe that.  I have chosen to make a lot of lifestyle changes and much healther diet choices.  My goal is to retain all of my kidney and liver function for as long as I can. 

People say that God won't give you more than you can handle.  This is true.  Years ago I would have fallen apart facing this prognosis.  Not now.  I can handle this.  I vow to handle this with grace and strength.  I now accept this disease as part of my life's journey.  God allowed this to happen.  Who am I to question his will and plan for my life?  I may not understand why this is happening but I trust in him. He has given me peace.  I will learn and grow through this process and I hope to educate others too.  

I'd like to hear about your personal triumphs over disease.  Please comment and share how you face disease in your life or in the lives of your loved ones.



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