Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Creating Family Memories at Idlewild and Soak Zone

When I got the opportunity to review Idlewild and Soak Zone I was thrilled. We were already planning a trip there.  Our last trip there was two years ago. Unfortunately we planned our day poorly and Storybook Forest closed before we could take our two year old through it. This year my brother-in-law and my stepdaughter Lauren also came along. "Uncle Bob" loves to spoil his nieces and nephews.
Caitlyn Telling Little Red Riding Hood not to go in the house.

John and Lauren in front of Goldilocks House
This year we were not going to miss out on Storybook Forest. We started our day there. Yes, Caitlyn would get to meet Little Red Riding Hood and see the Big Bad Wolf. There are nursery rhymes, music, costumed characters and even animals in Storybook Forest. Young children love it and it makes for many photo opportunities. Our time in this section of Idlewild Park was particulary meaningful for my husband and stepdaughter Lauren, now 19.  They both reminisced and fondly remembered walking through Storybook Forest when she was just four years old. It was a special part of the day for all of us.

The biggest ball pit ever!
Next we spent a little time in Jumpin Jungle. The kids had a blast in the ball pit and rode down the long slide on burlap sacks.  Joshua's favorite was the Net Climb and Caitlyn's was playing with the balls that floated in the air.  They both got a good bit of exercise running through the giant Tree House.  

Because the little ones were anxious to get on some rides we headed to Olde Idlewild to indulge them.  The Spider, Whip and Paratrooper and several others satisfied them.
Uncle Bob and Joshua on the Loggin Toboggan
Next Uncle Bob, Lauren and Joshua headed to Soakzone while my husband and I took Caitlyn for some rides for little ones in Raccoon Lagoon.  We planned to join them just a little later but unfortunately due to a storm coming through Soakzone got shut down for the day.  The storm dampened our clothes but not our spirits.  We continued to ride the rides even while it rained until the kids were exhausted.   One last stop for face-painting and we were done.

Voted the number one family park in the US I can see why.  It has a nostalgic family feel to it.  Nestled amongst a beautiful backdrop of mature green trees and with rides for even those just learning to walk it has something for everyone to enjoy.  The prices were reasonable for food and gift items. The staff is pleasant, helpful and interact well with children. 

If you are looking for a place to visit just once or to make an annual tradition of it I highly recommend Idlewild and Soakzone.  I know I can't wait to take the family back again.  Ready to visit?  Well there's a bonus for you, a hot printable coupon for $7.00 off per admission.  Visit this link to print your coupon.


Disclosure:  I received free tickets for my immediate family members in return for an honest review.  Thoughts and feelings expressed are entirely my own.


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