Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Master Cleanse - DONE!

Day 12
Well I woke up on Day 12 and guess what?? I have a pink tongue! Yay!  I was ready to go to day 15 but when I saw my tongue I decided after finishing out the day that it was time to end my first cleanse.  It wasn't too bad actually.  I had a couple of rough days but otherwise it wasn't that hard.  I feel clean and healthy.  The day went normally and I started thinking ahead to easing out of the cleanse.  I headed to the store for a few things so I'd be prepared to start the ease out process.
Ending weight: 129.0

Day 13-15 The Ease Out Process
Day 13 -  The first day of the 3-day ease out.  Day one is just orange juice.  A nice switch from lemonade.  I drank a half a gallon of 100% pure orange juice.  The cleanse recommends fresh squeezed but I didn't have the time or patience to juice that much so I took the easy route and bought a carton of it.
Day 14 - Juices, smoothies and soups today.  I had a berry smoothie in the morning.  Juice throughout the day.  I had tomato basil soup for lunch and vegetable broth for dinner.  My tummy kind of gurgled all day but luckily I had no cramping or other stomach distress.  After 2 weeks of no solid food EVERYTHING tastes amazing.  I'm enjoying the taste of healthy food!
Day 15 - Raw fruits and vegetables.  I had banana and apple for breakfast, a spring mix salad with raw veggies for lunch and dinner and just drank water all day.  I seriously think that was the best salad I've ever eaten in my life. My stomach still feels fine too.  I also started taking a probiotic to replace the good bacteria I may have flushed out during my cleanse.

Final Thoughts
I'm REALLY glad I did it.  It takes a lot of will power that I didn't know I had.  There is a nice sense of accomplishment to completing this cleanse that comes when your done.  I plan to make this an annual thing and will extend my cleanse to 15 days next time.  I lost 9 pounds which I'm happy with and I'm ready for my next challenge; Turbo Fire, an 8 week workout/diet program.  I plan to follow the diet plan because it contains only healthy foods and I want to continue on this path to healthier eating and living.



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