Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black Friday!

Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, the coveted day that all of you money saving mavens patiently wait for all year. The ritual, for most, goes a little bit like this: you have your delicious Thanksgiving dinner in the late afternoon, you tell your family it is time to sleep, but get little of it, get up in the middle of the night, you make sure you don’t forget your helmet (for protection from other crazed shoppers of course), and you hit the stores. After hours of throwing everything you find on sale into your shopping cart, you leave the store with arms stacked with shopping bags while simultaneously swatting away envious fellow shoppers. You get home, boast about your great deals to your uninterested husband and most likely you fall asleep standing up from sheer exhaustion. Whew, what a day.

Since 2005, Black Friday has been the BIGGEST shopping day of the year as it kicks off the season of spending with some MAJOR promotions sure to make any frugalista(o) drool! If you are an experienced couponer and/or a sale obsessed individual you know that deals for Black Friday 2011 are the best deals of the whole year- and you would never consider missing out (no matter what)! Looking for some history and highlights in regards to this much anticipated, self-proclaimed “holiday”? Check out this Black Friday Infographic and educate yourself on this oh-so fabulous day.  

Will you brave the crowds this year for a great deal?  Do you have any special strategy for getting what's on your list?  Please comment and share.

Cheap Sally Black Friday 2011 History And Highlights


A blogger helping hand

As a blogger occasionally you have an opportunity to use your blog to help others, a charity, a company, special event etc.  It's great when you have a following to be able to use your voice to reach others for a cause. 

I recently became acquainted with a young lady named Billy Odon who has a passion for cooking and a desire to make a career out of it.  She has the opportunity to win tuition in a prestigious culinary school in Ireland and I'd like to help her.  I don't know her very well but I recognize passion and vision when I see it and so I'd like to help her.

Here's a little more about her...

As an avid home cook and a qualified dietitian I live for food!From an early age I followed my gran around the kitchen,soaking up the smells and tastes synonymous with good home cooking.I now spend my free time perfecting old and experimenting with new recipes.I am eager to build upon my skills so my technical abilities can match my passion for food.I have dreamed of training in Ballymaloe for years and view Chef Factor as a unique opportunity to realise my ambition and kickstart my healthy catering company.

Let's get this girl into cooking school!  Vote for her here.



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